Monday, January 13, 2014

Ethnic Anxiety–Post Big Fat Greek

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Ethnic Anxiety–Post Big Fat Greek

In the intercultural contact zone
languages dive in power
splatter implications unknown.

– Τachycardia. . .
You intoned against an imaginary chart
amplifying the contours of your heart.

– Ταχυκαρδία, from Greek!
I raced to match the climactic peak
to ruin alas the sultry trick.

Τhe heart racing in the beat of self-defeat
– Taquicardia too!
I rushed to your mother tongue awkward retreat.

In the intercultural contact zone
fingertips exclusivity dethrone
affinities zigzag
dictionaries tag:

ager alacer animus
agriculture alacrity animosity

aguacate cocoa mandarina
αβοκάντο κακάο μανταρίνι 

αρχέτυπο ακροβάτης αθλητής
archetype acrobat athlete

In the intercutural contact zone
where there can be no room for a singular one
absolutely none,
one language leads to another one,
tongues entangle in arches
of triumphant archeries
intermingling histories
splashing cherries
heart attacking hierarchies
spelling the taste of your heart
mi corazón καρδούλες μου arteries of art.

July – September 2011

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Λόγοι X Αμερικής

Διαβάζεται και κατεβαίνει δωρεάν από εδώ

Θερμές ευχαριστίες στον Βασίλη Λαλιώτη